Wlu Cas Collective Agreement

20.3.6 If the University decides that the potentially patentable discovery was not related to activities supported by the University, the Member may treat the patent with consideration. The latter situation does not preclude a joint development agreement between the member and the university. If you have any questions about Laurier employee practices that are not addressed in manuals or collective agreements, please contact Human Resources at 519.884.0710, x 2007. Subject to the maintenance of satisfactory teaching performance in the course, a member or person authorized to become a member of the bargaining unit and who is the creator of an e-learning course will be offered an appointment to teach the course for the first 3 times offered. If the study participant rejects the offer to teach the course subject to the rights of full-time faculty at first consideration in accordance with Article 18.2.7 of the full-time collective agreement, the course will be announced under 13.4. a) The University maintains a 25:1 ratio between students and faculties (FTE students and FTE professors) as set out in Article of the Collective Agreement, as amended, for full-time teachers and full-time specialist librarians; 19.5.4 If the Dean or his or her designated employee initiates such an assessment by indicating in writing to the member the purpose of the assessment and proposing the timing of an assessment, the assessment and its planning shall be subject to the mutual consent of the Member and the Dean or their representative. The Parties further acknowledge that such arrangements shall be made in a manner that does not infringe upon the intellectual property of full-time faculty members in accordance with Article 36 of the full-time collective agreement and of CTF members in accordance with Article 20 of this Agreement. 19.2.7 Up to 20 minutes of scheduled teaching time in the last 10 days of a course or a member`s participation in a course, if such participation is less than a full semester or academic year, shall be used to complete questionnaires. The assessment is planned by mutual agreement between the member and the dean. The questionnaires are managed by the Dean or his representatives in collaboration with the departments or departments. The member may not be present as long as the questionnaires of his classes are completed. The member will not have access to the results until the final course grades have been submitted to the Registrar.

Instructors do not receive any information that would reveal the identity of the students who completed the questionnaire. For this reason, the university will not conduct assessments in a class of less than 5 students. The right to leave of absence for library members is based on the annual entitlement to vacation days for full-time librarians in accordance with Article of the Collective Agreement for Full-Time Teachers and Professional Librarians, in proportion to the number of hours of work indicated in the letter of appointment. The member is paid on these holidays, but there is no additional remuneration if the member decides to work all or part of the holiday period. Library members may take leave at any time, provided that the member has provided in advance the vacation dates of their supervising AUL, otherwise UL, and has received approval from the AUL or UL supervisor to do so. 20.3.4 If potentially patentable discoveries or creations of the University are disclosed by one or its members and the University agrees to submit a patent application, such protection will be exercised on behalf of the member(s) who are the inventor, discoverer(s) or creator(s). . . .

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