Visa Agreement Sample

Simple Visa is not responsible for financial losses due to delay or inability to obtain a visa. It is important to use simple language. In court, a judge will judge the case on how the contract would be interpreted by the average person. Use a concise language. Their language should clearly explain the terms of the agreement and what is expected of each party. The eligibility assessment questionnaire is a list of questions to complete on our website. It determines whether you are eligible for a specific visa category for which you are assessing. Manage your app or “Do it Yourself Guide” contains step-by-step instructions on how to apply for the visa. It contains detailed procedures ranging from the first assessment of visa suitability to the successful submission of the application. This manual contains a personalized assessment of your visa authorization, a detailed list of documents, as well as the format of documents accepted by uk immigration authorities, templates for all letters required for the application, application forms required for the application and filing procedures. The website ( is a website operated by Visa Simple Limited (“we” or “unser”), a company registered in England and Wales under the number 08506447 and established by Visa Simple, Vintage House, 36 – 37 Albert Embankment, London, SE1 7TL. However, if you wish to change your mind at the end of this agreement and request the resumption of services, we will then reassess the work to be done again and we will present you with a new fee offer.

On its own initiative, the applicant must also meet certain requirements. This includes filling out an electronic application form without immigrant origin (DS-160); With a valid passport if necessary, to pay the visa application fee and the visa fees. Please note that our business fees, no element of home fees, visa fees or other withdrawals, if applicable, include translation fees, NARIC fees, courier fees, etc. The customer can terminate the contract at any time during the duration of the engagement through a written communication on the customer log-in service. All refunds are granted to the customer in accordance with our refund policy above. The Home Office refers to the UK Government Department, which issues decisions and visas for foreigners in accordance with UK immigration law. We have discussed in previous articles the steps of applying for a U.S. R1 visa.

In terms of essential requirements, specific documents of the Carrier Order (Church or other organization known as a petitioner) in which the applicant is employed for the duration of his stay. “Services” refers to the provision of our services for the purpose of providing immigration advice, as stated on our website. You will find a detailed description of what is included in your service at

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