Town Of Lincoln Collective Agreement

The Faculty Association represents all persons employed at the University of Guelph in the City of Guelph, at the Ridgetown campus in the Municipality of Chatham-Kent, at the Vineland Research Station in the City of Lincoln, at simcoe Research Station in the City of Simcoe and at the University of Guelph-Humber campus, in the City of Toronto, as faculty members (including librarians). the exercise of probation or indeterminate appointments on a full-time or part-time basis, as well as those who hold contractually limited appointments and all persons who are employed as veterinarians at the Animal Health Lab (A.H.L.) and the Veterinary Veterinary Hospital (V.T.H.). . Formerly, the University of Guelph Police Association (UPA) O.P.S.E.U. Local 231 is the representative of all special constables employed at the University of Guelph in Guelph, except and with the exception of officers of the rank of sergeant and above. The relevant documents are available through the Office of the Propstes and the Vice-President (Academic). Grant and Trust funded (G&T) staff is the one whose most appointments are funded by funds outside the university. The university considers “primarily funded” as an appointment where fifty percent (50%) or more of the funds come from external grants or trust funds. Based on the tasks, scope, responsibility and nature of the work performed, G&T-funded staff are employed in both professional and managerial (GTP) or support (administrative and technical) (GTAT) functions. The P.S.A. is the representative of all permanent full-time, contract and part-time managers.

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