The Trade Facilitation Agreement And Its Relationship With Other Wto Agreements

5. The Committee invites relevant international and regional organisations (such as the International Monetary Fund, the OECD, the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, the WCO, the UN Regional Commissions, the World Bank or its subsidiary bodies and regional development banks) and other cooperation organisations to provide information within the meaning of paragraphs 1 2 and 4. (6) Notwithstanding the general interpretation note in Appendix 1A of the Marrakesh agreement establishing the World Trade Organization, this agreement should only be interpreted as a reduction in the obligations of the 1994 GATT members. Moreover, this agreement is interpreted only as a reduction in the rights and obligations of members under the Agreement on Technical Barriers to Trade and the Agreement on the Application of Health and Plant Health Measures. 3. As part of the implementation of this agreement, members are working to apply the following principles of capacity-building assistance and assistance: 15. Each member may only require the use of customs convoys or customs escorts for transit traffic in high-risk circumstances, or where compliance with customs and customs regulations cannot be guaranteed by the use of safeguards. The general rules for customs convoys or escorts are published in accordance with Article 1. 3.2 Members are invited to participate, within their resources, in the preparation and regular review of relevant international standards by appropriate international organizations.

(b) the invitation to submit documents other than those covered in paragraph 6, paragraph 1, paragraph (c), containing the import or export declaration; b) in exceptional cases where this would be appropriate outside customs and other relevant authorities` hours. 1.2 Each Member, to the extent that it is feasible and in accordance with its domestic law and legal system, ensures that laws and regulations of general or new application or amended relating to the transfer, release and release of goods, including goods in transit, are made public as soon as possible before they come into force. , to allow merchants and other interested parties to meet with them.

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