Sct Logistics Enterprise Agreement

SCT had a clientele that wanted to keep its use, so a number of surplus carriages were purchased and hook and pull agreements were made with V/Line Freight (Melbourne to Adelaide) and Australian National (Adelaide to Perth) to pull the trains. [3] In July 1995, SCT recorded a weekly custom from Melbourne to Perth. [4] [5] The first service terminals were at Dynon in Melbourne, Keswick in Adelaide and Kewdale in Perth. These were later replaced by specially built facilities in Laverton North, Penfield and Forrestfield. [1]. In October 2000, Freight Australia was commissioned to reload the routes between Melbourne and Perth with G-Class locomotives and tankers specially equipped to fill them en route. Crew cars were also introduced for subsequent on-board staff on the long journey through the Zérorbor level. [3] [6] The company also owned and operated its own yard locomotives at its terminals. [7] In November 2006, SCT began operating trains from a new terminal in Parkes, New South Wales, perth. [8]. Genesee &Wyoming Australia Rail Operations EA 2019 – 2023 In September 2010, Specialized Bulk Rail was established as a subsidiary to transport iron ore from the Cairn Hill mine, Coober Pedy to Outer Harbor for IMX Resources. [14] Pacific National Intermodal Terminal Operations EA 2019 – 2022 Pacific National Asset and Infrastructure Services EA 2019 – 2022 SCT Logistics (Specialized Container Transport) is an Australian intergovernmental carrier that operates rail and road transport with sites in Brisbane, Sydney, Parkes, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth. [1] The company was founded in 1974.

[2] In the mid-1990s, National Rail decided to stop using refrigerated trucks, pickup trucks and vans on their trains. At the same time, Australia`s rail network was opened to allow private operators to use public railways. Commissioner for Infrastructure EA 2019 – 2021. SCT Logistics (Penfield Shunting Operations) EA 2019 – 2021 UGL Rail – Adelaide Parklands Maintenance Centre (APMC) EA 2019 – 2022 In February 2010, SCT Logistics began operating a line from Melbourne to Brisbane. [13]. In February 2007, SCT purchased nine Class G locomotives and leased three NR class locomotives from Pacific National until the SCT locomotive fleet was delivered. [9] [10] [11] The objective was to comply with a commitment from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission that Toll Holdings had made in connection with the acquisition of control of Pacific National. [12] SCT Logistics` operational locomotive fleet consists of:[7][15] Australian Rail Track Corporation SA/WA Infrastructure Maintenance EA 2018 – 21.

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