Pathways Internship Program Participant Agreement

The non-federal internship experience is in a functional area or related to the students` target position. A participation agreement is entered into between you and the USGS that sets out the requirements and expectations. It provides the training and work requirements for your internship and the expected completion date of the training and the needs of the office. Students in this program can apply for an additional internship depending on their field of study. Click here for a copy of the internship agreement. Job postings for this internship offer temporary work that can provide you with valuable work experience. The job can range from summer jobs to jobs that can last as long as you are a student (in increments of 1 year or less). Tasks should not be related to your field of study. Internships are available to all students. Students from a high school, accredited college (including 4-year-old colleges/universities and community/junior colleges); Vocational, technical, vocational and commercial schools; Advanced studies; or at another qualified educational institution holding a qualified diploma or certificate. This component will give you valuable work experience related to your academic study goal or career. The program is designed as a partnership between you and the USGS. The internship combines academic classroom learning with hands-on work experience, providing you with paid work experience in your academic career goals or field of study.

A participation agreement will be entered into between you and the USGS that meets the requirements and expectations. It includes the training and work requirements for your internship and the expected completion date of those requirements. This internship may result in permanent employment (or perhaps a period of 13 months, but no more than 4 years in total) after successfully completing your training and program requirements. Click here for a copy of the internship agreement. Click here to see a comparison table between the two types of internal appointments. DOI – USGS Pathways Internship Program Effective 07/10/2012 The USGS Internship Program is designed to offer students enrolled in a variety of educational institutions, from high school to graduation, the opportunity to work in agencies and explore federal careers while staying in school and who are paid for the work they do. As a USGS employee, your salary is more than a paycheck. You will benefit from a set of competitive advantages tailored to the needs of different current workers, as described below. Like the private sector, the USGS is being streamlined and restructured to become more efficient. USGS continues to recruit job opportunities that provide essential services and maintain our high level of scientific and technical expertise.

usGS internship positions are very competitive. We want to attract students who demonstrate the talents, skills and abilities that will meet our future needs of our workforce. .

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