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Remote Camera Controller
Making Friends Hot Gears
Hot Gears, is a new two-axis camera controller that can be attached easily to a Panavision or Arri head as a cost-effective remote system. It won praise from Montreal DOP Serge Desrosiers csc, who used it a lot on the shoot last summer of the Quebec feature Camping Sauvage (see CSC News, December/2003). Hot Gears utilizes a self-calibrating microprocessor with a 62-second memory which continuously matches the exact position of the controls and motors to give a repeatable position as the operator moves the wheels. A “soft limits” function automatically ensures that the camera comes to a safe, soft stop at the spot designated by the operator. Compact and lightweight, the
unit requires only a single umbilical cable between the camera and the controller. The ergonomically designed control panel is straight forward for ease of use. Features include: voltage monitoring system; pan and tilt zero re-indexing; remote camera on/off switch; 10 position pan and tilt controls; soft limits for
pan and tilt. Hot Gears measures 18 x 10.5 x 5 inches (457.2 x 266.7 x 152.4mm),and it weighs 8 pounds (3.6 kg).

GDE Erreur: Erreur lors de la récupération du fichier - si nécessaire, arrêtez la vérification d'erreurs (405:Method Not Allowed)
14 janvier 2004
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