Lise Watier, une vie à entreprendre – Digital Book

BIOGRAPHY (DIGITAL BOOK) of 210 pages written and directed by SANDRINE BÉCHADE


SBN: 978-2-9815497-2-3



Powered by more than two years of research and interviews with Lise Watier and her family, this unpublished digital biography offers readers the chance to discover the lesser-known aspects of the life of the Queen of Cosmetics, her childhood in the Hochelaga-Maisonneuve neighborhood. his vertiginous success in business.


The author Sandrine Béchade paints a nuanced portrait of this Quebec icon based not only on the memories of Lise Watier, but also on the confidences of those who knew her. The one who has always been discreet about her private life is here as never, lifting the veil for the benefit of readers on the origin of her personal and professional motivations, and on the dualities that have shaped her character.


Through a rich mosaic of chronicle and narrative, exclusive audio and video clips, personal photos and interactive elements, the reader will discover a great lady of Quebec entrepreneurship.


To know Lise Watier is to enter her whirlwind and let yourself be caught by her creativity, always subject to a great rigor and an ideal of perfection. It is being seduced, as loved ones and family have been seduced. Lise Watier has always pursued her dream: to prove to Quebeckers that they can see big and conquer the world.


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author and director: SANDRINE BÉCHADE

producer Vital Productions: SERGE DESROSIERS

CBC News-Scripture content leader: SOPHIE BÉGIN


art director: HUGO VASSAL

technical director: MARTIN TREMBLAY

script-editor: MYLÈNE CHOLLET