Lise Watier Gloss “Haute lumière pour les lèvres”

Commercial directed by Alexandre Gibault


2012 | 15 secs | G | TV broadcast


Customer: Lise Watier Cosmetics


The Quebec cosmetics giant has mandated its new TV commercial to Vital Productions. This dynamic and modern fifteen seconds was born from the concept of the producer and director Serge Desrosiers csc.


Deploying the vinyl, the mask of Cat Woman and the podium. something to surprise and hold the attention on the lips magnified by this new gloss High Light Lise Watier.


Producers: Serge Desrosiers and Sandrine Béchade

Designer and image: Serge Desrosiers csc

Director: Alexandre Gibault

Post production: Studio Element

Editor: Jason Arbor

Motion design: Thierry Roussel-Garneau