Serge Desrosiers Testing the Dalsa Origin

CSC News – Testing the Dalsa Origin

Digital images with dynamic range and resolution lead to the “catchy” idea of making a short film shot simultaneously on 35mm film and in digital 4K

Back in 2003, having agreed to organize a professional workshop on digital cameras for the Festival International Nouveau Cinéma Nouveaux Médias de Montréal, I was looking for a local counterpoint to balance the Thomson Viper tests our French colleagues from the AFC had already agreed to premiere in Montreal. I came upon a document talking about a company called Dalsa Corp. in Waterloo Ont., which was working on a prototype ultra high-definition 4K camera called the Origin.

I contacted the company, a world leader in digital imaging components and specialized semiconductor manufacturing, and arranged to meet in Waterloo with John Coghill, manager of the digital cinema department at Dalsa. I was shown images shot with the Origin prototype and was incredibly surprised by what I saw. Coghill and Lucian Ion, designer of the camera, agreed to come to Montreal to present the camera and some test images that had been shot by students. At the Montreal festival workshop,the French Viper tests were fascinating and showed us the immense possibilities of a high-end digital camera. Then it was Dalsa’s turn. With more than 200 film and video professionals from all sectors of the business, including many DOPs, in the screening room, the images shot with the prototype Origin camera were shown. A moment of awed silence fell over the audience. Never had any digital images been seen with such dynamic range and resolution.

By Daniel Vincelette csc
Canadian Society of Cinematographers

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14 octobre 2005
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