Corporate Bond Purchase Agreement

This bond purchase agreement (the “agreement”) will be concluded on July 1, 2013 between the City of Christiansburg, Virginia (the “issuer”) and the Industrial Development Authority of the County of Stafford and the City of Staunton (the “acquirer”). For and taking into account the premises included below, the issuer hereby undertakes to re-equip and sell the loan under the terms set out below, and the purchaser undertakes to acquire and accept the loan on the terms set out below. Under this agreement and a July 2013 transfer agreement (the “transfer agreement”), by the buyer and PNC Bank, the national association (the “Bank”), which granted the bank all the rights, securities and interest of the buyer in this agreement and the loan (as defined below), the Bank decided to finance the loan (as defined below). finance or refinance all or part of the project costs (as defined below), and bear the associated costs and negotiate with you the following agreement (this “bond purchase contract”), which is signed with you as a representative of the designated insurers on the front page of the interim official declaration (as defined below) and which does not act for you as an agent or agent. , the New York State Dormitory Authority (“DASNY”), around or before 17:30 p.m., New York time, at the time of this agreement or at a later date or date that may be agreed. This bond purchase agreement is mandatory for you and insurers after this offer has been accepted. All terms that are not defined in this bond purchase agreement have the meaning assigned to them in the resolution under Section 1, Point b). SERIES P BOND PURCHASE AGREEMENT, produced on February 13, 2020, by and under the FEDERAL FINANCING BANK (“FFB”), an agency and instrumentality of the United States of America, the NATIONAL UTILITIES COOPERATIVE FINANCE CORPORATION (the “borrower”), a cooperative organized and formed according to the laws of the District of Columbia and the administrator of the RURAL UTILITIES SERVICE (“RUS”), a rural development agency of the United States. EPS is akin to a withdrawal of bonds (or confidence-holding mechanism) since they are contracts between an issuer and a company on the terms of a loan. While a BPA is an agreement between the issuer and the insurer of the new issue, the withdrawal is a contract between the issuer and the agent representing the interests of the bond investors. The terms of the senior bond, highlighted in the collection method, include the maturity date of the loan, the face value, the interest payment plan and the purpose of the bond issue.

A return of confidence may indicate, for example. B, if a problem can be called. If the issuer can “call” the loan, the withdrawal includes the protection of the bondholder`s reputation, that is, the period during which the issuer cannot buy back the bonds from the market. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) requires all bond issues, with the exception of municipal issues, to be bondholders. Bond purchase contracts are generally private securities or small business investment vehicles. These securities are not sold to the community, but sold directly to insurers.

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