Serge Desrosiers csc sur le plateau de camping sauvage

Canadian Society of Cinematographers – Camping Sauvage: The Sky’s the Limit

Camping Sauvage: The Sky’s the Limit – Canadian Society of Cinematographers

Camping Sauvage – What’s that, up in the sky? It’s a bird, it’s plane, it’s . . . Cameraman!

It’s really Serge Desrosiers csc, Panavision camera on his shoulder, suspended from a wire at the end of a crane over a Montreal intersection. All in a day’s work for the Quebec director of photography, who does his own operating, no matter how precarious a situation the shot may require.

For Camping Sauvage, a French-language theatrical feature shot in Montreal and Granby, Que.,last summer, Desrosiers not only flew like a Cirque du Soleil acrobat, he also got up close and personal with a raging fire, filmed bare-chested from atop a gay parade float, rigged his camera to the front of a “pedalo” (pedal boat), and had fun manipulating a Hot Gears remote system.

The comedy, probably destined to be screened only in “la belle province,” was shot in Super 35mm with three-perf pull-down on Kodak film, mainly the 50 ASA 5245 stock. Desrosiers said the Panavision camera gear, from Location Michel By Don Angus of 1992, shot by Guy Dufaux csc and produced by Lyse Lafontaine, who also produced Camping Sauvage. On set, Lafontaine was given the nick-name “Miss Pana.” Tony Roman also produced. Camping Sauvage director Guy Lepage, in collaboration with Sylvain Roy, is also the movie’s lead actor. It’s really Serge Desrosiers csc, Trudel in Montreal, was the first used on a Quebec feature since the award-winning Léolo

Canadian Society of Cinematographers

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Producteur : Lyla Films
Réalisateur : Sylvain Roy – Guy A. Lepage
Directeur de la Photographie : Serge Desrosiers csc
Année : 2003
Format : 35mm

Long Métrage

13 décembre 2003
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