Serge Desrosiers sur le plateau de Lance et Compte en couverture du Canadian Societe of Cinematographers

Canadian Society of Cinematographers – Shooting Shinny and Santa in 24P HD

Shooting Shinny and Santa in 24P HD

Serge Desrosiers featured in CSC news for his work as the cinematographer on Lance et Compte.

Serge Desrosiers csc is a believer in two will be broadcast in the letterbox great institutions – hockey and Pere NoH Now the Montreal DOP figures that what the fastest game on earth and old and father Christmas really needed all was the 24P look of high-definition video. It wasn’t a sure thing in the beginning. Desrosiers told CSC News that 24P was not the unanimous choice for shooting Lance er compte· La Nouvelle Géneration, the revival of the 1986 hit Quebec series Lance et compte (He Shoots! He Scores!). The original slam-barn hockey series, somewhat sexy and profane for its time, aired 15 years ago and was, of course, shot on film.

Serge Desrosiers csc

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Lance et Compte
Producteur : Héroux Communications
Réalisateur : Jean-Claude Lord
Directeur de la Photographie: Serge Desrosiers csc
Années : 2001 et 2006
Format : HD

1 septembre 2006
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