Awm Agreement

Agreement between owner Design/Builder As part of this agreement, N.V. Arubaanse Wegenbouw Maatschappij is responsible for both design and execution, based on the maximum budget made available. 15.14. FULL AGREEMENT. The agreement and all the documents mentioned in the agreement are the overall agreement of the parties regarding its purpose and are aggressive on the diversion of all previous or concomitant agreements on this subject. 4.1. FREE-USE. The service is made available “as we shall see.” That is, as a self-service service. Service delivery excludes all professional services, z.B.: training; Evaluation of site tracking configuration or service adaptation Interpretation of the report Consultation Changes to the Google Analytics configuration Changing the web pages of the customer or third parties. If necessary, the provision of professional services must be covered by a separate agreement. AWM will not transmit customer audit data or third-party audit data to third parties unless AWM (i) has the customer`s consent for audit data or third-party consent for third-party audit data; (ii) concludes that it is prescribed by law or is considered in good faith that access, retention or disclosure of audit data is reasonably necessary to protect the rights, property or security of AWMs, its users or the public; or (iii) provides audit data to third parties in limited circumstances to perform tasks on behalf of AWM (for example. B data billing or retention) with strict restrictions that prevent the use or transmission of data, unless ordered by the AWM. In this case, it is subject to agreements requiring these parties to process audit data only on instruction from AWM and in accordance with this agreement and appropriate confidentiality and security measures.

“affiliated” any entity controlled, controlled or controlled, directly or indirectly, by a party. 15.7. SEVERABILITY. If a provision of the agreement is found to be unenforceable, it and all related provisions are interpreted to best satisfy the essential purpose of the unenforceable provision. 6.2 CANCELLATION OF SUBSCRIPTION. The client intends not to renew the contract, to communicate in writing, by email.B. If a minimum of three (3) months is met, the non-renewal notification is applied and the subscription expires at the end of the current billing period.

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