Ankara Agreement Ireland

The European perspective, in particular the promise to open accession negotiations, has been for us the main motivation to deliver in all areas. That is why the citizens of northern Macedonia, regardless of their ethnicity, feel a great sense of disappointment and bitterness. The EU has not respected the long-promised start of accession negotiations, although we have provided reforms and the modification of a cause as sacred as the name of the country, which remains a very polarising subject among our citizens. Even with the reward of EU and NATO membership, the name change was too high a price. One can imagine how great the disappointment was when we did not receive at least half the price, that is, a start of negotiations with the EU. The atmosphere is very disappointing. In the area of public procurement, the BPTF is far behind the EU`s most ambitious procurement agreement, CETA. The agreement between Turkey and Singapore also includes government procurement. The BPTF is the result of the transition period. The EU should recognise the reality that the security and prosperity of Europe and NATO begin on Turkey`s eastern borders.

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